All about Cheeks: The Neapolitan

Hello beautiful ones!!!

I’m so excited to share this awesome beauty tip that I have perfected as a certified MAKEUP Artist!

Now the technique is called the Neapolitan! Ever since the world was blessed with those banana covered cheeks and chiseled jaw line of Kim Kardashian thanks to her MUA, the world of makeup has been over run with countour and highlighting! But while you dolls are slaying that trend to the Gawds you have forgotten to add what makes the boys go crazy! That’s BLUSH! Haha Who’d have thunk it right???

I have found the perfect memory reference to soften your makeup routine and give you that feminine GLOW you desire!

How does it work???
Complete your eye and foundation routine per usual. Now comes time to shade and correct the face!

Step one: Contour in just the area right in the hallow of your jaw!

Step two: Apply BLUSH to the Apples of your cheeks. For brown skin I recommen Orange or purple blush! For fair skin pinks are perfect! You want to bring the natural color back to the harshness of the even tone from your foundation!

Step three: apply your highlight, I love to highlight on the top of my cheeks above the blush and under my contour! For every day just the strob effect!

And Walla!!!

Check out a list of products to help you complete this look!

Until next time loves…

Mik Lachelle 

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