I’m Who’s That Girl??? It’s Mik Lachelle that’s who!

Hello Dolls!!!

My name is Michaéla but you my darlings can call me Mik Lachelle! I am a Fabulous 30 year young Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist/Business Mogul 👸🏾haha!!! I’m basically trying to take over the world here people!

Any who, So I wanted to create IamMikLachelle.com to have a place to share my Beauty and Lifestyle Tips and Secrets that have been shared with me! As a makeup artist one of the reasons I decided to get into blogging was because my clients. I would ask my clients as I am preparing their faces “What do you use on your face? Like your regiment?” and you would not believe the answers I received! “A hot towel” “Dove/Ivory soap” 😱(insert face full of horror here) It was then that I knew I had to not only educate my clients on the importance of Proper Skin Care which will lead to the correct usage of Makeup Cosmetics! After a couple of drinks and a weekend at the computer with a credit card I launched IamMikLachelle.com! I want to give you all my knowledge because I believe when you share gifts with the world, the world shares back!  I have a MASSIVE passion for ALL THINGS BEAUTY and LIFESTYLE and I hope that you all join me as I open my life to you! I want you to see the world through my eyes!

Check out my articles on Skin Care, Makeup, Trends, My LookBook, my life, Fitness and Lifestyle! I’m excited to grow with you!


Until next time my loves


Mik Lachelle

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